About the ARMS lab

The Advanced Research for Manufacturing Systems (ARMS) laboratory was launched in January 2013 by Dr. Masakazu Soshi. The ARMS lab conducts manufacturing research focusing on CNC machine tools, machining processes, and additive manufacturing.

Mission Statements

As a university research laboratory striving to be the global leader in manufacturing research, the ARMS lab will:

  1. Conduct manufacturing research for contributing to society, industries, and academia by providing useful research results and human resources. The research topics must meet real demands directly from industries.

  2. Develop a win-win relationship between the ARMS lab and collaborators for mutual benefits.
  3. Give students the best opportunities with the state of the art manufacturing equipment, knowledge, and innovative technologies to promote manufacturing technologies.
  4. Train researchers through lab activities in terms of not only engineering/scientific skills & knowledge, but also work ethic required as professional engineers.
  5. Give researchers internship opportunities for providing real engineering world experiences.

Open positions

Some positions may be available. Please access a link here for the details.