The ARMS lab conducts various research in manufacturing, machine tools, and cutting.

Our research areas include:

  • Additive and subtractive hybrid CNC machining/ machine tool
  • Development of innovative applications for/with CNC machine tools
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) process simulation and optimization
  • Machining process analysis and optimization
  • Cutting simulation
  • Machine tool technologies, including element design, mechatronics system design
  • Machinability and characterization of new materials and tools, including ferrous & nonferrous materials and medical applications (Bone machining).

Please check our publication list to learn more about our latest research and achievements.

Directed Energy Deposition (DED): Process control with DPSS

Directed Energy Deposition (DED): Grid molding fabrication

Orthogonal cutting simulation model

3D cutting simulation model

CBN hard milling of cast iron

High speed camera with synchronous data acquisition