CIRP General Assembly 2019

Dr. Soshi presented one of our recent work entitled: “Investigation of novel trochoidal toolpath strategies for productive and efficient directed energy deposition processes” at the CIRP General Assembly 2019 held in Birmingham, UK. CIRP is recognized as one of the most prestigeous academic societies in the manufacturing field. Dr. Odum and Geng contributed to this […]

Congratulations Curtis!

Curtis completed all of his requirements for his MS program in August 2019. Congratulations Curtis! He will continue research at the ARMS laboratory as a development engineer.

Congratulations Dr. Li!

Dr. Li departs from the ARMS lab to become an assistant professor at University of Texas at Dallas from August 2019. Congratulations on the new job position, Dr. Li!

Congratulations Kyle!

Kyle completed all of his requirements for his Ph.D. program in June 2019. Congratulations Dr. Odum! He will continue research at the ARMS laboratory as a development engineer.

MTTRF/ iAM-CNC annual meetings 2019

The ARMS lab co-hosted the MTTRF/ iAM-CNC annual meetings 2019. The meetings were held in San Francisco between June 27-30. The ARMS lab members presented their research in front of  guests from renowned university professors, and executives from world class manufacturing companies.   

Journal update 05/08/2019

Our latest work was accepted by Material Letters. [1] W. Li and M. Soshi, “Modeling Analysis of Grain Morphologies in Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Coating with Different Laser Scanning Patterns,” Mater. Lett., 2019.

Journal update 05/06/2019

Our latest works were accepted and published by International Journal of Manufacturing Technologies and CIRP annals. Congratulations Dr. Li, Kyle, and Geng on the achievements! [1]W. Li and M. Soshi, “Modeling analysis of the effect of laser transverse speed on grain morphology during directed energy deposition process,” Int. J. Adv. Manuf. Technol., May 2019. [2] […]