MTTRF Annual Meeting – July 6th & 7th, 2016

The annual meeting of Machine Tool Technologies Research Foundation (MTTRF) was held in San Francisco on July 6th and 7th.

On the first day, Mr. Norman Lei made a presentation titled “Vision Based System for Chatter Identification and Process Optimization in High Speed Milling” which introduced a new vision based system designed for the identification of chatter vibration. The machine vision system can then identify the chatter vibration frequency on the workpiece in order to minimize vibrations and optimize cutting parameters.

Other lab members have also made a presentation on the second day. Mr. Jon Ring’s presentation “Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Molds” explained how a hybrid manufacturing strategy, in combination with a novel block-based stock material, can significantly machining time and material waste. Mr. Christian Young followed with this introducing an innovative strategy to reduce the production time of molds using hybrid manufacturing in “Design Methodology for Cooling Strategy of Molds”. Mr. Kyle Odum’s presentation was about the mechanisms of irregular surface formation during the machining of grey cast iron and introduced the investigation results using both 3-D FEM cutting simulations and milling experiments, titled “Investigation into Surface Feature Formation Mechanism when Milling Grey Cast Iron”.


Dr. Soshi
Mr. Lie
Mr Ring
Mr Young
Mr Odum





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